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When we provide Alcohol Catering Service you have several options. 

You can provide a Cash, Partially Hosted, or Fully Hosted bar for your guests. There is a base set-up fee of $450 dollars for each bar which includes set-up and bartending for up to 4 hours.


Cash Bar: Guests pay for their own drinks. Please call for drink prices. Host is still responsible for any facility fees for total sales at the end of the evening.


Partially Hosted: Host pays for some drinks for guests. There are really, limitless options for this. A few examples are: Keg beer, tickets (recommended for corporate events only); Host puts down ‘x' amount of money towards either just beer and wine; or full bar and then it reverts to a cash bar, pre-mixed ‘specialty' drinks etc. The ‘hosted' part will be charged a 18% gratuity.


Fully Hosted or Open Bar: Host pays for everything. We do this on a per-consumption basis. You pay for what is consumed; no more, no less. We do add a 18% gratuity to that total.


*Note: we do accept credit cards and allow guests to open credit card tabs! 


"It is well to remember that there are five reason for drinking; the arrival of a friend, ones present or future thirst, the excellence of the wine, or any other reason."

– Latin Proverb




CC Liquor Catering- alcohol catering

One of the first questions I answer when I speak with a client for the first time is “How, exactly, does Liquor Catering work?”

Liquor Catering means that we bring all of our liquor to your event venue and set-up a legal, TABC sanctioned bar at your event venue.

CC Liquor Catering has a Mixed Beverage (MB) Liquor License which is the same license that any bar/restaurant in your town will own. We also have an additional license (Catering License) that allows us to bring our alcohol off of our licensed premise for a set period of time. For each event I have to inform the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) where I will be and how long I will be there. This will allow them to inspect the way we serve alcohol whenever they deem necessary. So, in essence, I turn your event venue into a bar for that set amount of time. Therefore all of the same rules and regulations will apply. Most people know that they can’t bring in their own alcohol to a restaurant or bar because it is not allowed and they would be asked to leave. Same thing with leaving with a beverage. You can’t leave the bar with your unfinished beer, nor can you leave the premise that I have licensed for the evening with a beverage.


When I provide Alcohol (Liquor) Catering services, you get all the bells and whistles as far as not only my license, but my insurance too. We hold a 2 million dollar liquor liability policy. I can never stop anyone from suing you. You can be named in a suit at any time but, this option is by far your best defense as we will be ‘first in line’ so to speak. The company that actually puts the drink into the hand of the guest is responsible for serving that person. This is one of the reasons that we must be responsible for all alcohol being consumed on the property. This includes the parking lot. Some guests think it is okay to mosey out to the parking lot and take a few shots with their friends. If we are serving them alcohol inside, we have no idea that they are taking extra shots outside and have no way to monitor their consumption rate. This makes our job very difficult and why that is not allowed either.


We are regulated by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission. When we have to say ‘no, we can’t do that’, please understand that it’s not because we do not necessarily want to, but because we can’t. We cannot thank you enough for your understanding of our legal abilities for some requests.


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