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"CCLC has been consistently reliable every month for the past two years, always on time and fully prepared to offer our guests a good time. They make life easy!"

-Corpus Christi Ride-In Theater

Biggest event we’ve ever worked: 2,000 guests


Smallest event: 15 guests


Farthest we have ever traveled to work an event:

Gainsville, Texas (15 miles from Oklahoma)


Most kegs we have served in one night:

13 kegs in 3.5 hours (whew!)


Weirdest drink I’ve been asked for: Tequila and Dr.Pepper


Most money I’ve been offered for ‘One Last Drink’ Looong after last call: $1,000


Most events we have done in one night: 6


Biggest jump in guests with 24 hours notice:

400. Event went from 600 to 1000.


Favorite drink: John's is Crown & 7 or Miller Lite, and 

Megan's is an ice-cold Dr. Pepper or a shot of Patron.

CC Liquor Catering- bar services

Megan (Dulak) and John Gordon, 

CC Liquor Catering owners 

“Each year we look forward to working with CCLC for our annual Christmas Party. They know exactly what are organization wants and they deliver without error. Not only is the service great but the staff provides excellent service and are attentive to our needs. Thanks CCLC for being reliable and dependable each year for our catering services. See you in December!!”

- Texas Champion Bank


“We have used CC Liquor Catering for over 4 years, for all of our events. Whether at our private home or at a selected venue, we call Megan and we know we will be taken care of”

- Catherin Tobin / HMG Law Firm


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