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Bartending Services are different in that the event is usually held at a private residence. Legally, we are not allowed to bring our liquor license onto a private residence. Why you ask? When we bring our license onto any property, that gives TABC the ability to inspect us….and they can’t go into a private home and inspect anything without a warrant. There are a FEW ways around this, but require some paperwork with TABC.


For the most part the host will actually purchase the alcohol from a package store. We recommend Liquid Town on Alameda. They are fantastic, and we work with them regularly. For most of my functions, I will meet with the host at Liquid Town to discuss the different dynamics of the guest list and the event itself. Things like, how many guests, duration of the event, music, weather, type of event etc…all play a big role in our recommendations. Once all details have been considered, the representative from Liquid Town and I will talk and finalize our recommendations with you regarding how many bottles of each type of beer/wine/liquor we think you should purchase. The purchase of the alcohol is between you and the store you purchase it from. We are not responsible or are involved in the actual purchase. Any liquor left over is yours, we are not responsible for any overages.


So now you have the alcohol for your party…what do we do? Well, there are an array of options, but most people choose between two:



"If you drink, don't drive.

Don't even putt."

-Dean Martin



CC Liquor Catering- bartending services

1. We do everything. (sounds good, right?) We meet to discuss liquor choices, help get the liquor delivered to the event, bar tables, ice chests, cups (glass or plastic), servers, mixers (Sodas, juices, tonic, club sodas etc…) lemons, limes, ice wells, etc….



2. We arrive 30 minutes before your event and bartend with what you have provided for us.


We have worked on a multitude of different types of properties and can answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to contact Megan with any questions.

*** Please note that for 2022, we will not be booking private bartending more than 6 weeks in advance unless the function is over 100 guests and we are booked to do 'full bartending' (where we provide the sodas/mixers etc). 

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